Personalize Your Yard

Personalize Your Yard

Hand-pick your landscaping supplies

Do you feel like your landscaping is a bit plain? Thankfully, you can let your personality shine by choosing your own landscaping supplies. Ballstadt Enterprises has a wide range of natural landscaping elements available at all times to help you update your yard. Whether you're a homeowner or contractor looking for supplies, we can help. To learn more about our inventory, contact us today.

Choose from a wide array of landscape elements

There are many different ways you can upgrade your landscaping. Our team offers some of the most common supplies, including:

  • Fill dirt
  • Washed sand
  • Crushed limestone
  • Screened black dirt
  • Brown, red and natural mulch
  • River rocks, Shakopee Red rocks and Mankato Beige rocks

If you live anywhere in Steele County, you can count on us for delivery. We also have a rock hopper trailer for rent that makes it easier to lay rocks, so you can do your own landscaping. It holds up to 4 1/2 yards of rock at a time. Reach out to our team today if you have any questions regarding our supplies.